Apple redesigns the keyboard of its MacBook Pro to avoid problems

The MacBook Pro and its keyboard: from promising a revolutionary system to a nightmare for consumers

One of the star families in the catalog of Manzana It is the one that encompasses MacBook products, laptops in whose cover we can find the characteristic illuminated bitten apple. In the latest versions of these devices, both of the range Macbook pro as from the range MacBook Air, Apple has introduced some improvements to try to take advantage of the maximum available space, and thus be able to install a larger touch pad which, it must be recognized, provides more comfort when using a laptop.

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In addition to a larger trackpad, Apple also implemented a very important change in the same area, changing the keyboards of their laptops. This change is none other than the introduction of what is known as’butterfly keyboard‘, a system created by Apple that seeks to rethink the concept of the mechanisms of a traditional keyboard. Thus, instead of using the classic scissor mechanism, those from Cupertino opted for install the new butterfly keyboard on your MacBook computers, which is more stable, reduces the vertical space of the keys, and is more uniform.

However, what at first seemed like a revolutionary and ingenious keyboard, where all the new aspects only brought advantages, has ended up becoming hell for some consumers. And it is that several users have explained in the networks his disastrous experience with Apple’s butterfly system, indicating that some of the keys stop working for no apparent reason. These events can be reproduced both months after purchasing a MacBook Pro, as well as just two days after launching a new model, according to some consumers.

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The answer that some of the Apple Store employees gave to affected customers was that “it could be a speck of dust” that sneaks underneath the key. That is why Casey Johnston, editor of The Outline medium, recommends that no one buy a new MacBook Pro, not even if it has a big discount. The truth is that if a small speck of dust can ruin an entire computer, this revolutionary keyboard may not be so revolutionary.

via: theoutline