The LHC discovered two other new particles

November 29, 2014

Before being stopped for maintenance, and upgrades, the LHC created navigable amounts of data on the collisions. Therefore, the process of analyzing all the results has taken years, and we now know that between 2011 and 2012 two baryons were detected for the first time, but we had not realized it. The particles, named Xi_b’- and Xi_b * 0, were detected by the CMS experiment, the Compact Muon Solenoid, one of the LHC’s general-purpose detectors on the French side of the facility.

The two new particles were theorized by the quark model, a classification scheme for subatomic particles, and are relatives of a particle that had already been observed in 2012. All these particles are part of the baryon family, whose structure consists of three quarks and are famous because two members of it, the neutron and the proton, form the nucleus of the atom.

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