The latest WhatsApp update encrypts messages ...

The latest WhatsApp update encrypts messages …

November 19, 2014

This point-to-point encryption system is done at the service level and it seems that it does not need user intervention, but rather an internal update of the service -as in the case of the double blue check-, so it will gradually reach the users in the next few days. From now on, neither WhatsApp nor anyone who is not the sender or recipient of the message will be able to read the content, since it will be encrypted from the moment it leaves one terminal until it reaches another.

With the incorporation of encryption by default, WhatsApp breaks with one of its criticisms -especially in the corporate sector- from the bulk of users, who considered the service unsafe and recommended users not to use this application in cases where those who were to share sensitive information. Now it seems that this is already solved, but of course the application needs to get the batteries and start incorporating functions that, despite the fact that they have been announced by the company, such as VoIP calls, still do not seem to have a definitive arrival date.

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