The kingdom of Windows in the enterprise is ending

The kingdom of Windows in the enterprise is ending

July 10, 2014

VMWare, a company known for its virtualization solutions, has conducted a survey of 376 computer professionals with which it wanted to know if there are changes in the use of operating systems in the world of work. The result, as reported in Business Insider: More and more workers are choosing a Mac and leaving Windows behind.

First, the sample of 376 professionals in the survey is very small and not at all representative of the entire business world and of users who use computers in an office. Second, let’s remember that VMWare reaps benefits from virtualization, so it always comes in handy using Macs or other solutions that need to run Windows with specific applications in a virtual machine.

But on the other hand, it is true that the Mac is having its best days in business. If we take a look at the graph above we can see the reasons why a company decides to support Macs: 73% is purely due to the preference of the same user, and then there are other reasons such as exclusive applications in OS X and reduced maintenance costs and security.

via VMWare: “the kingdom of Windows in the enterprise is over.”

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