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The iPhone 5s costs $ 1,174 at the new store …

February 17, 2014

Apple's landing in Latin America is already a reality with the opening of the first Apple Store in BrazilApple is lately focusing on the large markets, those that bring it a large number of potential customers and after the triumphant arrival of the latest iPhones in China, the Cupertino giant has just landed in Brazil by opening the first Apple Store in the country, and with a massive attendance of public (it is estimated that there were about 1,700 people queuing).

Although we suppose that when entering the premises they would be shocked when they discovered the sale price of the terminals. Thus, the iPhone 5S is marketed in this country from 2,799 reais, or what is the same, 1,174 dollars, being the market in which the most expensive terminal is sold absolutely.

To give you some references, all of them in dollars, to be able to compare, the 5S is sold in the United States at 649 dollars and in Spain at 958 dollars (699 euros), but it is undoubtedly in the South American country where the difference is most notable.

via Apple opens its first store in Brazil; the iPhone 5s costs $ 1,174.

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