The Instagram website now clean and minimalist then ...

The Instagram website now clean and minimalist then …

June 9, 2015

Although Instagram was born as a social network dedicated only to mobile photography, for a couple of years it has had a web version that, although it does not allow uploading photos, does let us see and search for new accounts to follow.

This week, this website will completely change its appearance for a much cleaner and minimalist one. And it looks spectacular.

The fact is that the application in its mobile version has been redesigned for a long time, but the web version continues to look the same as before. It feels old, outdated and generally quite ugly.

But now, some users have already started to enjoy the new look, and it looks great. The profile page now has three columns of images on a clean background, not five small photos with a featured photo section in the header that actually looked quite chaotic and cluttered.

Source: Instagram completely redesigns its website: clean and minimalist

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