The flight attendants ask to again ban the ...

The flight attendants ask to again ban the …

October 12, 2014

AUXVULThe largest union of flight attendants in the United States is not happy with the recent change in aviation safety regulations that allow the use of electronic devices on the plane.

As reported by the Wall Street Journal, the flight attendants’ complaint concerns safety. According to the cabin crew, take-off and landing moments are the most prone to turbulence, and a sudden movement of the plane could turn mobile phones, tablets and e-book readers into dangerous improvised projectiles (It is seen that the glass glasses that distribute in business class before takeoff they are completely harmless if they are shot out at high speed).

In addition, the hostesses complain that the passengers do not pay attention to the safety demonstration because they are waiting for their devices.

The FAA has responded by saying that the small devices do not violate federal regulations regarding in-flight luggage storage.

via The flight attendants ask to ban cell phones on the plane again.

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