The first arrests arrive for the “incitement to ...

The first arrests arrive for the “incitement to …

May 16, 2014

432_660_abc-cover-social networksThe Spanish authorities warned about it and the consequences are already here: the first arrests of users who have published messages that “incite crime” are taking place on social networks. The first case reached us yesterday, with a twitterer in police custody for posting tweets like “Way to go, ostia! To kill them all !!! More shots to the head of PPeros !! Isabel CarrasKO ”, referring to the murder of Isabel Carrasco (president of the León Provincial Council) committed at the beginning of the week. You could face a sentence of between 7 and 10 years in prison.

Today, another person has been arrested for uploading to YouTube a video in which he “violates the right to honor” of Isabel Carrasco, a crime for which he has been accused. In the lyrics of the music clip, which you can consult in full here, the defendant said that “Today it has appeared in the news that 4 shots have been shot at a pepera and apparently the cause of the shots was a mysterious musketeer” and that “A vigilante who I admire for her pulse and aim that has left Spain with a little less crap.”

via The first arrests arrive for “incitement to crime” on social networks.

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