The fine line between selfies and sexting

The fine line between selfies and sexting

October 6, 2014

Snapchat has become a powerful communication tool that is taking the younger crowd by storm. The service has the false sense of security provided by knowing that the photos disappear from the recipient’s mobile after a few seconds, and this encourages increasingly risky snapshots.

We question the issue of security, because no one can prevent a screenshot of a compromised photo from being made and circulating on WhatsApp at breakneck speeds.

There are no statistics on a possible use of the social network for sexual purposes. How will there be if the photo is diluted in a matter of seconds. But common sense invites us to think that the youngest would be unconsciously carrying out a very risky use of Snapchat. And advertisers fear it.

via Snapchat, the fine line between selfies and sexting.

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