The famous hacked want to sue Google for ...

The famous hacked want to sue Google for …

October 2, 2014

The damage was initially done when the photographs stolen from the accounts where models, singers and famous actresses stored intimate images appeared on the Internet … but now a group of affected wants to file a lawsuit against the omnipresent search engine for making it easier for anyone who wants to find these photos the task of having access to them. Up to $ 100 million could be claimed as compensation since Google makes a profit by showing them.

The lawyer representing this group of victims has addressed a letter in harsh terms to Larry Page and Sergey Brin accusing them of lack of ethics for not having acted as soon as possible to remove the images despite the fact that requests have been sent to him in this regard. to the search engine from the first moment in which this matter starts and subsequently the request has been reiterated on four other occasions, without obtaining a response so far.

via The famous hacked want to sue Google for offering their stolen intimate photos – The Inquirer ES.

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