The electric bike that runs on hydrogen

The electric bike that runs on hydrogen

September 22, 2014

Hy-Cycle is a bicycle developed at the Australian University of New South Wales. It reaches a range of 125 kilometers and a maximum speed of 35 kilometers per hour. To move the pedaling assistance motor, it uses a 2.5 kg hydrogen battery with a special design that prevents the gas from volatilizing.

Among the advantages that the development team points out as the key to this velocipede are the low cost of recharging or the ease of replacement of the hydrogen cylinders. Despite this, the researchers are already working on a new version of the model that would optimize the hydrogen loading space by taking advantage of the largest possible volume.

The university team that has created this bicycle explains that the technology used will compete in a few years with renewable energies such as solar or wind. Hydrogen offers clean, cheap and unlimited energy that would avoid dependence on fossil fuels in the future. In addition, they consider that these bicycles will offer a mobility solution to cities such as London or Paris. In any case, despite the engine, you will have to keep pedaling.

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