The economy class seats you will want for your next ...

The economy class seats you will want for your next …

June 30, 2014

Seats with power outlets for our electronics, high-definition touchscreens for inflight entertainment, and more room to stretch your legs.

The idea is called IntelliCabin, and it is BAE Systems’ proposal to reform the interior of commercial aircraft. The interesting thing about this design is that it has adopted more efficient and modern power distribution technologies that allow, first of all, to eliminate the electrical panels under the seats. That alone gives us plenty of space to stretch our legs or leave a bag.

The entire cabin system is completely centralized. In other words, flight crews no longer have to go row by row looking for unruly passengers who go crazy and fail to put the seat upright when landing. They simply control all positions directly from a central console. They can also manage the energy consumption of each seat. The functionality of this is not clear, but a very juicy possible use would be to charge for the use of power outlets.

The lights throughout the cabin are adjustable in intensity and color, and the windows are not louvered. Instead its opacity can be adjusted from the seat itself.

via These are the economy class seats you will want for your next flight.

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