The disappearance of the Malaysian Airline MH370 plane ...

The disappearance of the Malaysian Airline MH370 plane …

March 19, 2014

Malaysia AirlinesKaspersky Lab analysts have detected a major campaign of malicious “spam” that talks about the disappearance of this flight last week. The message states that there is a video about the discovery of the plane and its passengers that circulates on the social network Facebook. By clicking on the link, the email redirects the user to a page where he can supposedly see the video but before having access, the site requires him to share the message on the Facebook wall and install a “plug-in” -extension- .

The software downloads an adware, a malicious advertising pop-up-window program, which displays advertisements while the user browses the Internet. The objective of this type of malware is to generate financial benefits for cybercriminals through the publication of these advertising messages in the browser.

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