The days of Uber in Colombia seem to be numbered

The days of Uber in Colombia seem to be numbered

November 25, 2014

With the declaration of illegality made by the Ministry of Transportation on the application, a legal and physical persecution will ensue against drivers and special service companies that use it, who have made it clear that they will continue to offer their service, despite the official pronouncement.

Therefore, what is really saddening about the official measure is that it clearly defends the interests of the powerful owners of taxi companies, before those of the users. Like all infidelity: if we are ‘putting the horns’ with Uber, gentlemen taxi drivers, it is because they give us something that you do not. And the problem is not silver, because Uber is not exactly cheap.

This is not about defending Uber for its own sake. Uber is far from being the salvation of transportation in Bogotá. It is a business, of so many, that has always been surrounded by controversy. However, it achieved something important: it opened our eyes. Show us that, when you want, it is possible to obtain a decent, honest and quality service; that it is not normal to move around in a dirty, smelly car that violates traffic regulations. That it is not normal for a driver to express himself with bad words, listening to stations that give pity for their language. That it is not normal for them to tell us to our faces “no, I’m not going there”, or to impose a fee ‘by the eye’ or through an obviously adulterated device.

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