The danger of connecting to any Wi-Fi network

March 16, 2015

The widespread use of computing devices and, above all, the success of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets has made wireless connections common.

The fact is that not all these connections offer the same guarantees. It is not the same to hook up to the network of the company for which you work or the connection offered by the router of the house where you live than to pull a public Wi-Fi. Why? For a simple safety issue. Because the data can be exposed to the eyes of anyone else connecting to the same hotspot.

With the intention of discovering the level of Wi-Fi risk assumed by users in different parts of the world, Avast Software has decided to carry out an armed check only with a PC and a monitoring program in cities such as Barcelona in Spain or Berlin, Chicago, Hong Kong, London, New York, San Francisco, Seoul and Taipei.

And the results couldn’t be clearer. “This experiment has revealed that the majority of mobile device users do not take adequate precautions to protect their personal data and privacy from cybercriminals,” in the words of Jude McColgan, president of Avast’s mobile division, adding that “People use seatbelts to be safe in the car” and also “should use a security app when using public Wi-Fi.”

via The danger of connecting to any Wi-Fi network without discrimination or protection.

Image © carballo via Shutterstock

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