The Copenhagen Wheel is an intelligent wheel that tr ...

The Copenhagen Wheel is an intelligent wheel that tr …

November 28, 2014

The bicycle fever is gradually spreading throughout the Spanish geography, transforming the urban landscape of our cities. Despite the fact that the penetration rate of this 100% sustainable means of transport remains minimal compared to car use, it is also true that the trend continues to grow every year.

On the other hand, the bicycle continues to have the disadvantage of long trips in the city, which is why the startup Superpedestrian has just announced the imminent commercialization of a smart wheel capable of transforming any ordinary bicycle into an electric one.

The invention in question, known as the Copenhagen Wheel, is a project by a team of MIT engineers, funded by the Danish capital city council, which gives its name to this revolutionary device. According to Assaf Biderman, a member of the MIT laboratory that developed the smart wheel and founder of Superpedestrian, the Copenhagen Wheel is the perfect solution for those urban topographies whose slopes or distances are inconvenient for daily cycling trips.

via How to turn your bike into an e-bike with a smart wheel.

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