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The constant use of tablets harms the health of children …

December 26, 2013

Since navigation on a tablet usually doesn’t require reading or writing skills, preschoolers can quickly learn how to watch movies, navigate to folders where family photos are, or have fun with simple games. At the same time, the abundant use of tablets and smartphones harms the health of children, say various specialists cited by the Associated Press.

In particular, scientists have revealed that frequent use of laptops and smartphones can lead to serious behavior problems and delays in children’s social development. Above all, the consequences of addiction to ‘digital friends’ become apparent when children reach school age.

However, scientists do not deny the positive factors related to the use of these devices, since several of the educational applications can help develop specific areas of the brain and, at the same time, calm children.

Doctors insist that parents seriously limit the time their children use portable electronic devices and ensure that they spend enough time sleeping, reading and interacting with adults and other children.

via The use of tablets harms the health of children – RT.

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