The connected car will become the fourth screen ...

The connected car will become the fourth screen …

November 29, 2014

Specialists believe that the car will soon become the fourth screen, behind television, PCs, tablets and smartphones, thanks to the enormous autonomy that they will acquire in the next decade. We are not talking about the distant future: in 2016 there will be 210 million connected cars.

This analysis, carried out by SAP, deals with the effects of hyperconnectivity, that is, the growing interconnection of people, organizations and cars thanks to the Internet and mobility, in the automotive industry.

It was recently estimated that the US economy could save $ 1.3 trillion when autonomous or driverless vehicles are on the road and connected online. This figure will be contributed by the accidents that will be avoided, the increase in productivity by not needing human drivers, the reduction or disappearance of traffic jams and the savings in fuel.

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