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The biggest premium SMS scam in Spain falls with more …

April 15, 2015

The Civil Guard has reported the outcome of the Telemessage operation in which 11 people have been arrested accused of mounting the largest fraud scheme through payment SMS in our country. Affected users exceeded one million people and were subject to payment of large amounts for these text messages.

Many times we have alerted them to scams and scams that try to exploit the profit to the maximum through premium rate services without notifying users of the cost of the message. Paying for a premium service is not the problem nor is it illegal, since many advertising or solidarity campaigns use this type of Premium service to finance themselves. The problem comes when the user is not aware that he is registering for a certain paid SMS service and at the end of the month he is faced with the fright when checking the invoice.

In the most extreme cases, the cost per SMS can rise up to 7 euros, when in most rates they are either given as a gift or at most they cost 18 cents. And it is that with the arrival of instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp, the days of SMS are numbered, but there are still those who seek to make an illegal performance with this service.

The main danger lies in the mobile applications available on the Internet or even in the official application stores that often do not correctly inform the user about the consequences of their use. It is common that in the cases affected by this scam, permissions on SMS have been granted to applications that have nothing to do with sending or receiving text messages, which already gives a good clue about the risk of their installation and use.

via The biggest premium SMS scam falls: more than 1 million affected.

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