The best soccer pages in Spanish [Video]

The best soccer pages in Spanish [Video]

July 13, 2014

If you want to be aware of the latest results of soccer matches, new player hires, soccer coaches’ tactics and strategies, or news of your favorite soccer team, then you cannot miss this list with the best websites of football in Spanish.

Here you can closely follow the results and news of the most important soccer leagues in the world such as: the Premier League, the Spanish League, the Argentine First Division, the Champions League, Mexican Soccer, the European Leagues and more. This website is about sports news in general and focuses on Spanish football news. Here you will also find interesting articles and analysis on the beautiful game. They also have “El Club”, a loyalty program designed to reward regular readers of the Marca newspaper. Score to Live. This is an international soccer website with more than 20 versions in different languages ​​and with news oriented to the well-known and less well-known soccer leagues such as: India, Japan, Turkey, China, Arabia, Ireland and more. If you are curious about the football that is played in other countries, do not hesitate to visit Mexican soccer website that keeps the king of sports fans informed about the latest events of the best of Mexican soccer, Spanish, English, Italian, Champions League, Copa Libertadores, Champions League and more. Visit the website If you want to be aware of the latest signings in the various football clubs around the world, then you cannot miss this website. There you will find out about the latest hires, offers, rumors and changes of players in the football teams of your favorite teams. That and more at

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