The best Linux apps of 2014

The best Linux apps of 2014

December 13, 2014

There is less to close 2014 and start a new year. During these twelve months, we have witnessed a multitude of interesting projects and new programs that have been created or have finally arrived on this platform. If we also count the number of games that have been developed or ported for Linux, without a doubt, we can say that this has been a profitable year for our dear friend the penguin.

We may not be facing the most used platform for the desktop, but for many of us it makes our lives easier every day and we enjoy using it. So for all the Linuxeros and Linuxeras that you read to us, I have compiled the applications for Linux that have caught my attention during the last year. If for some reason your favorite application is not on the list, remember to write it down in the comments section, someone will surely find your contribution useful.

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