The best gadgets presented at IFA 2014

The best gadgets presented at IFA 2014

September 8, 2014

It is always difficult to choose the best. This edition of the IFA technology fair in Berlin, which is held until Sunday in Germany, has shown the momentum of the firms in the development of wearable devices – wearable, in Spanish -, an expanding market of which is still unknown its true impact on society and whether, as has happened with other devices, it will end up being a fashion with a beginning and an end.

There have been many initial introductions. Samsung, Sony, Microsoft or LG have monopolized the flashes and the big headlines about their new collection of products, which will be hitting the market in the coming months. One of the star devices at the europe fair was the Galaxy Note 4, the renewed version of the “phablet” device that has emphasized productivity and has substantially improved the S Pen digital pen.

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