The best food apps for iOS and Androi …

August 14, 2014

One of the great advantages of smartphones is that there are applications for absolutely everything. For those who love food in general, whether it is to go out to visit a new restaurant or to cook an innovative recipe that they saw on the web, there are many apps that will help to do these activities and many others in the simplest possible way.

You just have to do a little search in your application store to realize that there are hundreds of applications that have to do with food, from games that make you run an ice cream parlor, through helpers to get recipes of all kinds, and ending with counters of calories and nutritional information about what you eat. Food applications more interesting than simply taking photos of your dinner to send them to Instagram. But, to save you the trouble of research, we have compiled the 5 best apps for foodies that you can find.

via Best Food Apps for iOS and Android.

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