The best DNS to increase the speed of your con ...

The best DNS to increase the speed of your con …

January 1, 2018

DNS stands for Domain Name System and is a system that “translates” the names of Internet domains, such as, to their corresponding IP address ( Therefore, when we enter the address of a web page in the browser, the DNS server translates it so that the browser knows where to go.

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The DNS function is very useful and necessary, since it would be very difficult to know several IP addresses of the different web pages that we visit daily, and if they did not exist, the browser would not know what to do. Well, every time we enter an address, there is a server that is responsible for finding out the corresponding IP of the domain to which we want to connect.

The faster that server is, the faster we will navigate, so it is quite important to know the DNS that best suit our connection. In any case, speed is not the only important factor, since every server can receive attacks, so the stability and security of the servers are two factors to take into account when choosing a DNS server.


There are several ways of knowing and choosing the fastest DNS for our Internet connection, but one of the most interesting is the use of the Namebench program. This program, which is available for Windows, Mac and Linux, has an extensive database of existing DNS servers around the world and of many web pages that receive a high number of visits.

What Namebench does, when executing it, is to analyze the execution times of those web pages with each of the DNS servers to determine which ones are better for our case. To use it you must follow the following steps: Find out which are the best DNS to increase the speed of the ADSL or Fiber Optic.

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