"The Beast" is Obama's mighty limousine packed ...

“The Beast” is Obama’s mighty limousine packed …

April 9, 2015

At the Summit of the Americas, President Barack Obama will have his senior security personnel available to follow him everywhere. In addition, you will get around in your elegant limousine, better known as “The Beast”.

Its impenetrable bodywork and resistance to any explosive, chemical and biological attack make it the most powerful and safest vehicle in the world.

This black car is high-tech, with capacity for seven people, armored glass 12 centimeters thick, unbreakable to any shot. It measures 5.5 meters long, weighs seven tons and is made of titanium, aluminum, steel and ceramic. Inside, the president has a blood bank in case of an attack that requires a transfusion; oxygen chamber and direct phone lines to the White House and the Pentagon.

via We present in a video what “The Beast” is like, Obama’s powerful limousine.

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