The 5 types of Facebook friends that are most frequent ...

The 5 types of Facebook friends that are most frequent …

April 25, 2014

Two studies from the University of Denver, Colorado (USA) shed new light on the type of friend that users delete from Facebook and their emotional reactions to this situation. The results studies reveal that the typical person who is deleted from the lists is an acquaintance from high school.

“The most common reason for removing former high school classmates is that they often post comments on controversial topics, such as religion or politics,” explains study author Christopher Sibona, from the Computer Science and Information Systems program. from the University of Denver.

Sibona examined the phenomenon of deleting friends, which in English is defined in a more forceful word: “unfriend.”

The top five types of people that people delete from their friends list are:

  • High school friends
  • Others
  • Friends of a friend
  • Coworkers
  • Friends with common interests

In addition to seeing which profiles are most likely to be deleted, the scientist investigated the reactions of those deleted. Sibona found a range of emotions connected to this situation, from anger to laughter.

The most common reactions were:

  • I was surprised
  • I get upset
  • I was amused
  • I felt sad

What determines the reaction is, of course, how close you were to that friend who erased you, says Sibona.

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