The 4-door 'Beetle' is another copy ...

The 4-door ‘Beetle’ is another copy …

March 26, 2015

The Chinese 'Beetle' another Asian copy (giak)

Once again the Chinese motorsports market has made a copy of one of the most popular models on the market worldwide. This time the chosen one has been the popular Volkswagen Beetle. Undoubtedly, aesthetic innovation is not the strong suit of the Asian market, although the introduction of electric propellants is a primary objective in the manufacture of cars in the country.

Apparently and, based on the photographs, the model has been created by a company whose logo is almost identical to that of Nissan, and inside there is a high similarity with the Volvo letters. At the moment they have not christened the LSEV model as it has simply been referred to as ‘beetle style car’.

via The Chinese ‘Beetle’ | Car magazine.


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