Tetris turns 30 [Video]

Tetris turns 30 [Video]

June 4, 2014

Tetris turns 30

One of the most charismatic games with the longest history is celebrating its birthday. It is the well-known logic title Tetris, which will be no less than 30 years old on June 6. A game of Russian origin created by Alekséi Pazhitnov in the former Soviet Union that has managed to go through all recreational platforms and video consoles, but always achieving the greatest success on laptops, as happened in the Nintendo Game Boy in the early nineties. It is not surprising, therefore, that on current mobile platforms it also continues to be a benchmark.

And the Tetris brand is still very much alive, and on the occasion of its thirtieth birthday they launch a new update of its latest version known as Tetris Blitz. It is the latest Tetris game that can be found for Android and iOS mobiles and tablets. A redesign adapted to recent times that now celebrates 30 years of the brand with a new but vintage gameplay, and other extra elements that we comment on below. All a nod to the most classic players but without losing sight of the new generations.

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