Tension rises in the case of Manuel Antonio Noriega vs. ...

Tension rises in the case of Manuel Antonio Noriega vs. …

September 23, 2014

A few months ago, Manuel Noriega sued Activision for misappropriating his image and including it in ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops 2’. According to Noriega’s lawyers, the game portrayed his client as a brutal murderer, which seemed to offend the former dictator greatly.

Now it is the turn of Activision’s lawyers, specifically Rudy Giuliani, who has spoken openly about this case:

I’m not interested in giving handouts to a convicted murderer and drug dealer like Manuel Noriega, who is demanding money from Activision and its popular ‘Call of Duty’ franchise for exercising his right to free speech. Giuliani said. Noriega’s attack on the rights of ‘Call of Duty’ comes as no surprise considering he is a lawless tyrant who trampled on the rights of his own people.

Manuel Antonio Noriega is a Panamanian military and politician, who was a military leader and de facto ruler of Panama, from 1983 to 1989. He established a dictatorship in which he plunged the country into a serious economic, political and social crisis. In 1989 the United States militarily invaded Panama causing numerous civilian and military deaths and causing the dismantling of the Panamanian military forces, economic and social chaos in the country and the subsequent surrender and arrest of Noriega. In 1992 he was tried in the United States and sentenced to a 40-year prison sentence, charged with being related to the Medellín cartel.

via Things can get even more tense between Manuel Noriega and Activision.

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