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Ten tips for an online store to survive

December 26, 2013

You have to invest money and time to get an online store to consolidate, experts advise holding at least a year to calculate the benefits. There are also basic keys that will turn this type of store into a successful business.

1. One of the keys is found in smartphones. We must have a design for mobile devices.

2. Social networks move a lot of advertising and it is essential to ally with them. The ones that generate the most traffic are Facebook and Twitter.

3. We must also advertise our products on sales portals such as Amazon or Ebay.

4. It is essential to carry out email marketing campaigns It is better to carry them during the week because customers tend to buy more over the Internet.

5. Create a blog where you can show our products and help the customer to become familiar with our business.

6. Organizing contests is essential for new customers to try our products and it will also help us to create a database for the future.

7. Trust is the key to success, and in this case we are talking about customer trust in our business. An example of closeness would be a chat that communicates with them directly and quickly.

8. Transportation and delivery times are the procedures that can create the most tensions, so we must create a specific section on our website clarifying each part of the process.

9. Purchases must be fast and agile, we must summarize the process as much as possible.

10. Finally, we must take into account customer loyalty. Keeping our regular customers informed is better than worrying about generating new ones.

Information taken from Forbes magazine

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