Ten keys to the Mobile World Congress 2015

Ten keys to the Mobile World Congress 2015

February 26, 2015

The first week of March opens its doors in Barcelona for the 11th edition of the Mobile Word Congress, the leading fair in the world of mobile phones, in which every year the presentations and news of technologies, devices, networks and services gather. The mobile has been configured as an ecosystem in constant evolution, and increasingly complex and diverse. In order to help interpret the avalanche of news and not get lost, we have selected 10 fundamental keys that we collect below.

1. Mobile payment

We have been hearing for years that this would be the definitive one for the massive take-off of mobile payment and, although technologically there are different solutions, the reality is that to date this has not been the case. The reason should be found in the competing interests of the different agents involved: operators, manufacturers of mobile devices and cards, banks, new means of payment and technology, none have achieved the extensive use of a standard solution.

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