Telefónica's cloud arrives in Venezuela for SMEs and ...

Telefónica’s cloud arrives in Venezuela for SMEs and …

April 10, 2015

Telefónica brings Movistar Cloud to the Venezuelan market, a new cloud solutions service for large companies, SMEs and entrepreneurs.

It is an innovative service since, with Movistar Cloud, Telefónica becomes the first telecommunications service operator in the country to provide cloud solutions designed to facilitate the management and handling of company information.

Movistar Cloud offers various Infrastructure and Software as a service solutions that allow from the creation of Web pages, with ease for updating, its own email packages, virtual disks and storage, to videoconferencing, virtual machines and desktops.

Carlos Sanoja, Vice President of Companies at Telefónica | Movistar comments “Movistar Cloud will allow small and medium-sized companies to be more competitive in an increasingly digital and global market. Our objective with this service is to bring the technology of large companies closer to SMEs, adapting it to their business and making it available to them ”.

Movistar Cloud offers digital solutions that are flexible, secure and reliable with a collection scheme in bolivars. It is supported in world-class standards with Tier IV data centers, which offer 99.995% reliability with hourly backups without affecting the performance of the platform, data retention for 14 days, geo-replication every 24 hours as well as personalized attention and advice.

For Large Companies, there is a wide range of Infrastructure as a service, which includes virtual machines and desktops, as well as more robust and tailored solutions.

With a view to self-management

The telecommunications company will soon incorporate a payment button to its Movistar Cloud portal that will allow customers to purchase these services online.

Additionally, users will be able to acquire the electronic commerce service through which they will have the possibility of selling their products within their website.

Telefónica’s vision | Movistar is creating an ecosystem of technology partners, through the incorporation of software as a service solutions in the portal.

With its new Movistar Cloud service, the company continues to bring technology closer to Venezuelans through an offer of innovative products.

For more information about Movistar’s cloud services, go to Business and Companies sections.

Image: Tom Wang via Shutterstock

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