Telefónica invested more than 125 billion euros …

March 4, 2015

Telefónica confirms its commitment as a developer of solutions that transform people’s lives and provide them with access to the possibilities offered by technology. This commitment materializes in more than 125,000 million euros invested since its arrival in the region in 1990.

“This is the ideal time to review Telefónica’s trajectory in Latin America and Brazil, and analyze how we contribute to improving communications and development in our countries,” says Eduardo Caride, CEO of Telefónica Hispanoamérica. With its investments and presence in Latin America in this quarter of a century, Telefónica demonstrates its vocation to be an innovative, disruptive and ambitious company that seeks excellence as a global company.

According to Caride, “in this period, Telefónica has achieved four great achievements. The first and most important: the ability to have left your country of origin. In 1990 he decided to leave his comfort zone to expand his operations in another area of ​​the world and chose Latin America ”.

For the CEO of Telefónica Hispanoamérica, “the second achievement is consistency over time. During these 25 years, several players. Latin America is a region of contrasting economic cycles: there are flourishing moments and others not so much. But Telefónica has always bet on the region and has managed to get out of difficult economic contexts. The third: Telefónica always maintained the same direction: to grow, and continues to value Latin America and Brazil with a vocation for permanence and as a true commitment to the future. There is no speculative intention: the networks are in the region and here they stay. Human capital too ”.

Caride adds another element: a significant development of our staff. “They have given trust to many of us without being Spanish. Because Telefónica is no longer a Spanish company: it is an international company ”.

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