Telef├│nica buys eyeOS and its ┬źopen source ... technology ...

Telef├│nica buys eyeOS and its ┬źopen source … technology …

April 1, 2014

Telephone LogoTelefónica announces that it is buying EyeOS with a view to strengthening its cloud service offering and complementing its strategy focused on developing technology solutions based on open standards. The startup was founded in 2005 by Pau Garcia-Milá and Marc Cercós.

EyeOS had been going through quite a lot of difficulties as a company for some years now, both economically, in terms of focus, and in leadership, and its commitment to virtual desktops based on the browser did not end with the user or companies. For years its founders left the project to focus on other ventures (Garcia-Milá in Bananity, Cercós in Archy).

The sale of EyeOS seems a necessary exit for a company that did not give more of itself. Telef├│nica plans to offer it as a desktop virtualization solution to the public administration,

Via Telef├│nica buys EyeOS for an undisclosed amount.

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