Telefónica becomes the second operator of E …

October 1, 2014

The European Commission has authorized the purchase of the German operator E-Plus, a KPN subsidiary, by Telefónica. With this movement, the Spanish operator becomes the second in Europe by volume, adding after the purchase about 47 million additional accesses that are added to those that the operator already had in the European market through its different national subsidiaries.

E-Plus is one of the most important operators in Germany, with a combined revenue of around 8 billion euros, which makes Telefónica the most important operator in Germany and the second in Europe in terms of number of clients and revenue. This operation will allow the company to increase its growth and cash flow ratios, so if it continues in this line there are signs that it will end up becoming the most important operator in Europe in terms of figures.

Via Telefónica, it buys the German operator E-Plus.

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