Telecommunications sector in Venezuela remains «...

Telecommunications sector in Venezuela remains «…

December 10, 2014

The main variables of the telecommunications sector in the country registered growth during the third quarter of the year, compared to the same period in 2013, according to a report released by the National Telecommunications Commission, Conatel.

“The sector’s growth and expansion path continues, expressed in the indicators. All the main indicators of the sector grew ”, highlighted the director of Conatel, William Castillo, during the presentation of the report, held this Tuesday.

From July to September 2014, mobile telephony continued to lead this industry. Thus, 56 bolivars, out of every 100 that entered the sector, came from mobile telephony.

In the aforementioned period, subscription television showed an increase of 16.52% (4 million 568,943 subscribers), Internet, 2.1% (3 million 662,489 contracts) and fixed telephony, 0.7% (7 million 814,801 subscribers) .

The only indicator in the sector that presented a drop without repercussions was that of mobile phone subscribers, with a 1.2% drop, which means that there are currently 30,173,340 mobile phone lines in use in the country.

“Today, although there are formally fewer mobile phone subscribers, compared to the second quarter of 2014 (30 million 325,373 lines in use), we have more consumption. Average consumption is maintained in terms of minutes, data plans and volume of consumption ”, commented Castillo, who added that in Venezuela, penetration in terms of telephone lines is greater than 100%.

Between July and September 2014, voice traffic on mobile telephony registered 11,828 million minutes, while in the same period 28,655 million text messages (SMS) were sent.

More than 15 million Internet users

In Venezuela there are currently 15 million 529,494 internet users, refers the report released by Conatel that, for this opportunity, carried out a work with the National Institute of Statistics (INE) to specify this indicator.

It is necessary to highlight the difference between subscribers and users: The former are those who make a service contract, and the latter are the people who, in general, enjoy the service.

Of the aforementioned figure, 11 million 500 thousand users connect to the Internet through data plans for mobile devices.

Conatel was able to find this indicator through a statistical study carried out in conjunction with the INE, Castillo said. “We did a crossover (of data) and we eliminated the duplication factors and that gave us the number of users who have access to the Internet in Venezuela,” he explained.

4G technology

During the presentation of the report on the behavior of the sector in the second quarter of 2014, the director of Conatel recalled that last week the National Government authorized the installation of Fourth Generation (4G) technology in a five-year national plan, which It will be developed with three telecommunications service providers (Movilnet, Telefónica and Directv).

At this point, he explained that for the development of this technology, Telefónica will use 60 megahertz (Mhz), Movilnet, 20 and Directv, 40, in concessions awarded by the State in a public offering.

It is estimated that in one year 4G technology, for which an investment of 20 billion bolivars was made, will reach 41% of the population and, after progressive growth, it is expected that in five years this technology will reach 77% of Venezuelans through the aforementioned national plan.

The Fourth Generation is preceded by 2G and 3G technologies for digital and smart phones. In an improvement in technology, 4G offers faster access to internet services, so the download of products will be much faster.

To understand the uses of this technology, Conatel plans to carry out a 4G technology training program in 2015, which includes training for both technical personnel and users.

“It will be an intensive plan of courses, workshops so that people get to know the technology and learn to use it,” Castillo added.

via MinCI | Telecommunications sector in Venezuela remains stable and growing.

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