Technology will accompany presentations by Ricardo A ...

Technology will accompany presentations by Ricardo A …

March 19, 2015

The Guatemalan interpreter Ricardo Arjona will bring to the country, an unprecedented staging, framed within his “Tour Tour 2015”, with a stage more than 20 meters high, with 193 state-of-the-art mobile luminaires, 18-meter LED screen long by 7 high, room consoles and monitors with 100% digital systems and more than 40 tons of equipment and scenery, since 200 people work on each of its presentations.

Each song will have a unique theatrical setting in which lights and images will be combined in perfect harmony, in a show where intimate moments will be mixed, guitar in hand, few lights and some classics, with the splendor of the latest advances. technologies available in terms of showbusiness. The setting is an old train station: benches, suitcases and tracks will be elements that will be mounted theatrically on two floors.

via Technology will accompany Ricardo Arjona’s presentations in Venezuela.

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