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August 13, 2014

Lake Maracaibo - VenezuelaThe Venezuelan operator Digitel, with the firm purpose of supporting the initiatives of the chambers and associations that work in favor of the industry and business development of the country, sponsored various activities providing technological and institutional support to institutions with a long history such as Fedecámaras, Conindustria and Casetel, among other organizations.

At the end of June, the operator sponsored with technological solutions the 70th Annual Assembly of the Federation of Chambers and Associations of Commerce and Production of Venezuela (Fedecámaras), which took place in Paraguaná, Falcón state and where Digitel guaranteed the service of data for the development of a series of conferences aimed at the country’s business sector, providing full data coverage for attendees, who in this edition reached 250 business delegations from across the country.

In mid-July, Digitel sponsored the Congress of Conindustria 2014: Industry and Welfare for Venezuela ”, an event that was held at the facilities of the Eurobuilding Hotel & Suites in the city of Caracas and that had the objective of raising issues of interest to the business sector interested in the industrial and socioeconomic development of Venezuela. This activity brought together representatives of different economic sectors of society to discuss the construction of a productive future, with labor and social well-being in the business environment.

Also during the month of July, the XXIV Latin American Petroleum Exhibition was another of the activities sponsored by the operator, which had a stand to provide information on Digitel’s business offerings and on the brand’s latest technological innovations. This event brought together high-ranking personalities and professionals from the oil industry to establish strategic alliances that will consolidate the most important productive sector in the world.

Digitel has supported this activity since 2006 and, being the most important event in the Western Region in the oil sector, around 230 companies related to the oil industry gathered from Venezuela, Brazil, Colombia, China, France, Germany, Peru and the United States. In addition, the IV Comprehensive Hydrocarbons Congress was held where a series of presentations were made on the development of the oil sector worldwide.

Likewise and in support of the telecommunications sector, the operator supported the Chamber of Telecommunications Services Companies (Casetel), which in its customary annual forum on this occasion addressed the topic: Let’s talk about the Client, with the aim of talking about the experience of companies in customer service, satisfaction levels, customer loyalty, recruitment of staff, among other related topics of interest.

Through these actions, Digitel remains active in the search for proposals for the constant and progressive development of the Venezuelan economy and commerce. The Corporation contributes by providing commitment and trust within the country’s business sector by offering its most advanced technology.

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