Taylor Swift music video breaks YouTube record in ...

Taylor Swift music video breaks YouTube record in …

August 29, 2017

YouTube has also become a land of records: the most watched video in history, the video with the most likes and now, the video with the most views in its first 24 hours. The record corresponds to Taylor Swift and her new video clip called “Look what you made me do” that with just one day on the service reached 28 million views. Yes, you read that correctly: 28 million reproductions, a number that at the time of writing this note has almost doubled (it goes to 52 million).

According to Pitchfork, the previous record was held by another very popular artist, one named Adele. However, nothing could stand up to Swift’s various outfits in the video, which comes as a preview of her new album due out in November.

Looks like Taylor Swift is bringing them. Although now the question that remains is: who will be next? And more importantly, will he succeed in dethroning Despacito?

Source: Taylor Swift breaks new YouTube views record – FayerWayer

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