TAG Heuer is the first Swiss watch that wants to be in ...

TAG Heuer is the first Swiss watch that wants to be in …

March 20, 2015

TAG Heuer, Google and Intel have just announced a partnership to create a smart Swiss watch that works thanks to Intel technology and Android Wear. This initiative ushers in a new era of collaborations between Swiss watchmakers and Silicon Valley, bringing together the expertise of each company in the luxury watchmaking, software and hardware sectors.

The collaboration was officially announced in the framework of the international watch fair Baselworld, during a press conference held on Thursday 19 March at the TAG Heuer pavilion. The event was attended by Jean-Claude Biver, President of the LVMH Group’s Watches Division and Chief Executive Officer of TAG Heuer, David Singleton, Engineering Director of Android Wear, and Michael Bell, Corporate Vice President and General Manager of the New Devices Group from Intel.

Together, the three companies will create a luxury product that will be continuously connected to the daily lives of its users – the culmination of innovation, creativity and design from Silicon Valley in California and the capital of watchmaking in La Chaux. de-Fonds, Switzerland.

“The collaboration between Swiss watchmakers and Silicon Valley is a marriage of technology innovation and the credibility of watchmakers. Our alliance creates a wide range of synergies, and results in a win-win cooperation for all parties. The potential for all three companies is enormous, ”said Jean-Claude Biver.

Guy Sémon, General Manager of TAG Heuer added: “The quality of Swiss watches is world famous. By combining this quality with the creative technology and world power of two companies such as Intel and Google, using the Android Wear platform and applying Intel technology, we will witness the birth of a technological revolution in the technology industry, of the present day me I am proud to be a pioneer with TAG Heuer ”.

David Singleton said: “By fusing beauty and technology, the Swiss watch has inspired generations of artists and engineers alike, including those of us who work at Google. So we are very excited to partner with TAG Heuer and Intel to bring a unique combination of excitement and innovation to the luxury goods market. Together, and by using the Android Wear platform, we can project a better, smarter and more beautiful watch. “

“As we work to enable technology experiences that provide greater usability and cost benefits to consumers, Intel is confident that this collective approach will inspire further innovations in wearable technology. The partnership with TAG Heuer and Google brings us closer to realizing the ideal of wearable technology through an unmistakable smartwatch that elevates the category, ”commented Michael Bell.

Image © LDprod via Shutterstock

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