Tablet fever is no longer a breakdown

Tablet fever is no longer a breakdown

November 26, 2014

They had their moment of glory, but it seems that the boom is coming to an end. The fall in sales of Apple’s iPad is just one symptom of the slowdown in sales of these devices around the world.

According to a projection by research firm IDC, collected by the CIO, worldwide tablet sales will increase only 7.2% this year, to 235.7 million units, compared to 52.5% in 2013. IDC expects tablet sales to continue the slowdown through 2018, when annual growth will be just 5.4%.

The numbers reflect the widespread reliance on PCs and smartphones for computing and communication. Buying trends show that consumers and businesses still prefer to run full-fledged programs on computers, which have recently seen a jump in sales when they were thought to be dead not so long ago.

On the contrary, users cling to their old tablets longer than expected, which is one of the big reasons for the slowdown in sales, according to IDC.

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