SUSE Announces OpenStack Cloud 5 for Cloud Creation ...

SUSE Announces OpenStack Cloud 5 for Cloud Creation …

March 19, 2015

Formerly called SUSE Cloud, SUSE OpenStack Cloud 5 is based on the latest version of OpenStack (Juno) and according to SUSE provides greater network flexibility and better operational efficiency to simplify the management of private cloud infrastructures. The company adds that it also provides “capabilities as a service” to enable big data analytics and development teams to rapidly deliver business solutions along with integration with new data center solutions, SUSE Enterprise Storage and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. 12.

SUSE emphasizes the following OpenStack Cloud 5 features, aimed at enterprise customers:

Improved network flexibility: SUSE OpenStack Cloud 5 provides additional network functionality and added support for OpenStack network modules developed by third parties. In particular, it provides support for the implementation of distributed virtual routing, which enables individual compute nodes to handle routing tasks, either individually or as clusters. Configuring distributed virtual routing as part of a SUSE OpenStack Cloud installation increases scalability, performance, and availability by allowing the network to automatically expand as compute nodes are added, reducing traffic through central routers, and decreasing exposure to single point of failure in the network.

Higher operational efficiency: The SUSE OpenStack Cloud installation infrastructure has been enhanced, seamlessly incorporating existing servers operating outside of the private cloud, in order to include them in the cloud environment. In addition, SUSE OpenStack Cloud 5 centralizes the collection and search of logs, giving administrators a single point of view into cloud operations and improving the speed of troubleshooting.

Integration with SUSE Enterprise Storage and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12: SUSE OpenStack Cloud 5 includes support for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 as compute nodes within the cloud, giving customers the most up-to-date versions of KVM and Xen. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 nodes can exist alongside SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP3 nodes. SUSE OpenStack Cloud 5 also integrates the recently announced SUSE Enterprise Storage, operated by Ceph. This provides an improved platform for storing objects, blocks, and images within SUSE OpenStack Cloud, while retaining the same ease of installation of Ceph components that were available in early versions of SUSE OpenStack Cloud.

Simplified service deployment: Since many workloads require additional services, standardization under an “as-a-service” model simplifies and speeds installation by eliminating the need for users to manage these services. Simplified service deployment makes it easy to create private clouds tailored for big data and development.

SUSE OpenStack Cloud 5 also includes the “Sahara” data processing project, which provides a simple means of serving data-intensive clustered applications such as Hadoop or Spark on top of OpenStack. SUSE and MapR team up to provide support for MapR Enterprise running on top of SUSE OpenStack Cloud using the MapR Sahara module.

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