Surveillance cameras that expand your field of vision ...

Surveillance cameras that expand your field of vision …

April 16, 2015

Axis Communications, a leader in IP video surveillance, has created a technology that extends the viewing angle of PTZ dome cameras by 20 degrees, solving one of the technical limitations that, to date, prevented this type of camera from capturing images above of the horizon line without distortion.

Called Sharpdome, the technology has innovative mechanics that provide clear images in all directions, allowing you to identify objects that may have previously been ignored or distorted. In areas of irregular topography, such as hills, it is now possible to see houses and shopping centers located in the higher parts for example.

This release inaugurates a new series of cameras, the AXIS Q61-E, which have a unique function capable of eliminating one of the historical challenges of PTZ dome cameras: the presence of drops on the dome during rainy days. Now, the Dry Speed ​​function shakes the dome with speed, thus eliminating the water droplets present.

Compact, AXIS Q61-E series cameras offer 30x optical zoom with up to 1080p HDTV resolution at up to 60 frames per second and Wide Dynamic Range (130 dB) technology to handle difficult lighting conditions. The cameras rotate 360 ​​degrees in just over half a second and also feature Electronic Image Stabilization to generate more stable video in windy conditions.

The Q61 series cameras are the first PTZ cameras on the market with Lightfinder technology, created by Axis, that captures color images in the dark. In addition, the cameras have automatic demisting that, when activated, detects the presence of fog in the scene and does digital filtering to provide a clearer image.

“These PTZ cameras are more compact, more stable and have a high capacity to capture color information in the dark. Another of its characteristics is its great ability to compensate for sudden changes in lighting or in areas with high light contrast, as well as its angle of view that can be decisive to clarify events in avenues, critical infrastructure facilities or even in centers. commercial ”, says Sergio Fukushima, technical manager of Axis.

AXIS Q6114-E / Q6115-E Network Cameras will be available for order in Q2 2015 through Axis distribution channels.

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