Supertanker ship departs from Algeria to deliver p ...

Supertanker ship departs from Algeria to deliver p …

October 16, 2014

Launch of the tanker “Carabobo” on September 9, 2012 – Photo Emabajda from Venezuela in China

The tanker with the first oil importation in the history of Venezuela departed from Algeria, in an operation that seeks to reduce the costs of the state oil company PDVSA, according to navigation monitoring data from Reuters and sources close to the business.

Venezuela will use the Algerian import to dilute the extra heavy crude from the Hugo Chávez Oil Belt in the Orinoco region, the main oil producing area, replacing the expensive naphtha it has been buying in recent years.

PDVSA, which has not confirmed that it is preparing to receive its first shipment of imported crude, was not immediately available for comment.

Since September 9, 2012 the oil tanker «Carabobo» has been operating, a huge vessel: It has a DWT (Dead Weight Tonnage) of 320,000 tons. which makes it capable of transporting up to 2 million barrels of oil. It has a length (length) of 332 meters, with a beam (width) of 60 meters, and a draft (depth in the water) of 21 meters, and carries 25 crew members, which includes officers and sailors.

via Tanker departs from Algeria to deliver Venezuela’s first oil import – Yahoo News Venezuela.

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