Successful launch of the first satellite built in ...

Successful launch of the first satellite built in …

October 17, 2014

arsat-1Argentina became the first Latin American country on Thursday to have in orbit a geostationary satellite of its own construction, the Arsat-1, which was successfully launched from French Guiana to offer telecommunications services to the Southern Cone.

The satellite took off at 21:44 GMT aboard the French Ariane rocket from the Kurú base in French Guyana and then also successfully dislodged until it was in a transfer orbit, 300 kilometers above sea level.

Technicians and scientists embraced and celebrated at the control base as the satellite detached itself from the rocket’s structure, according to the official television broadcast.

The Arsat-1, with a power of 3,400 watts, was developed over seven years and manufactured in the city of San Carlos de Bariloche 1,650 kilometers southwest of Buenos Aires by the state companies Invap and the Argentine company de Soluciones Satelitales ArSat.

Some 400 specialists participated in the construction of the geostationary satellite that will orbit making a complete revolution in 24 hours, the same time that the Earth makes a complete revolution on itself.

via The launch of the satellite built in Argentina – International is successful.

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