Subjects such as computing, computing or programming ...

Subjects such as computing, computing or programming …

January 20, 2017

The document released by the Ministry of Education on curricular transformation in secondary education highlights the importance of the use of technology in school dynamics. In fact, the term is included in one of the indispensable topics that “can be developed in all areas of training or those that are necessary”. However, the curriculum –officialized in resolution 143 published in Official Gazette 41044– does not expressly include subjects such as Computer Science, Computing or Programming in the compulsory training areas to be taken by students.

The main contents related to these subjects are described in the generating topics of the so-called Stable Groups, which will be studied by the student if it is of interest to them and if the educational institution has the structure and tools required for them to be developed.

Olga Ramos, a member of the Assembly of Education association, reflects on the incorporation of new technologies in teaching and learning processes, and affirms that currently schools in the official sector are in very poor condition and do not have a plan to expand infrastructure, maintenance or provision of technological equipment.

To date, the ME includes 5,263,164 Canaima equipment delivered –Canaimitas and tablets– that are part of the secondary education curricular components, as well as the texts of the Bicentennial Collection.

Source: Technological subjects became optional in the new curriculum

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