Students cause a false traffic jam in Waz ...

Students cause a false traffic jam in Waz …

March 26, 2014

wazeTwo students from the Israel Institute of Technology (Technion) created a program that is capable of affecting the Waze traffic reporting system, the popular traffic information crowdsourcing app that Google bought last year.

The program works by creating several fake Waze accounts, and then creating fake GPS locations simulating real tours, but pretending that they were in a place with high traffic congestion. In this way, Waze created several fictitious traffic jam reports that were implemented in the navigation system of its users, thus causing many motorists to deviate their way for several hours.

The students’ instructor reported this situation to Waze, who stated that they are now studying methods to prevent similar attacks in the future.

via Students report a fake traffic jam at Waze that lasted hours – FayerWayer.

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