Strategy video games develop intelligence …

March 19, 2015

SPARTA - WAR OF EPIRESVideo games can be defined as an interactive multimedia system where recreational activities are carried out using an electronic medium. The objective of each game can be both recreational and educational depending on the information and experience that the player obtains.

Games, such as those developed by Plarium strategy games, improve the management capacity of the limited resources available, always trying to obtain the maximum performance with the minimum of losses, working continuously on short, medium and long-term objectives both in the recreational environment as life itself, taking into account personal capacities and limitations this helps us to reflect on what we are doing and what we could change to improve our general situation (in all aspects if possible). This is also essential to take into account for any economic, political and social undertaking.

Playing regularly helps to avoid negative health symptoms such as mental illness and unfaborable moods. According to the game used, it also develops creativity, improves understanding, reasoning ability from various points of view; invention of solutions through experience, acquired knowledge and lateral thinking.

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