Story of the selfie that went viral thanks to Me ...

Story of the selfie that went viral thanks to Me …

July 28, 2017

Esteban Quaglia was walking through Brooklyn with his family. Just like Lionel Messi. But there was a moment when his steps, chance or fate, crossed them. For the man, it was the encounter with an idol. And a selfie that went viral. The image was released today on social networks.

Quaglia is from Buenos Aires and is on vacation with his family in the United States. He was taking pictures at the station where the ferries from Brooklyn to Manhattan leave, with the spectacular view of the city. And in that place he came across the mega stars of Barsa, who were looking for the same shot. Quaglia did not hesitate to immortalize the meeting in a selfie, which he immediately sent to his friends.

Messi and company posed for the photo. “And I took advantage and took my selfie with that background: the buildings, the Messi, the Suárez and the Busquets”, says funny Quaglia, who defines himself as a Messi fan “like any Argentine who likes football.”

Source: The universal

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