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Stolen the personal data of more than 140 million …

September 8, 2017

The US financial sector company Equifax has been the victim of one of the largest thefts of personal data in history and probably the most important so far in terms of the type of information stolen. Specifically, an organized group of cybercriminals, still unidentified, has taken advantage of a breach in their security to steal information on 143 million of their clients, almost 3 times the entire population of Spain.

Although last year Yahoo suffered two attacks in a row in which cybercriminals took access to 1.5 billion email accounts, the information stolen from Equifax is much more sensitive.

Specifically, hackers have taken over the social security number that each client has associated with their profile, their postal address and the driving license numbers of 143 Equifax clients. With all this information you can have access to the credit history and financial profile of each of these people.

Even so, the severity of the theft has been even greater for the more than 200,000 users who had their credit card access data attached to their profile information.

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